Partnership Agreement Auf Deutsch

the collective investment contract for investment funds, the statutes and rules of SICAVs/SICAF, and partnership contracts for limited partnerships for collective investments. The joint ventures also include companies in which the Volkswagen Group holds a majority stake, but whose statutes or company contracts provide that important decisions can only be taken unanimously. The partnership agreement for limited partnerships for collective investment; Each of the executives, if there is more than one, has the right to act independently on behalf of the company, unless the social contract or statutes (Article 133 of the Code of Commerce) provide for something else, although such restrictions are null and void against third parties. The state that emerges from a partnership agreement protects the freedom and property of individuals. The statutory body of a limited liability company is one or more managers. In the case of foreign collective investments, the documents are authorised for public sale in or from Switzerland. In addition, the following documents relating to collective investments must be approved by the CFB: executives assume collective legal responsibility for the function of the company, accounting, obligations to the authorities, etc. The contractual investment fund`s fund contract, the statutes and regulations of SICAV, SICAf`s and also the social contract of limited partnerships by mutual investment. If there are several managers, each of them has the right to act on behalf of the company if the social contract or the statutes do not determine it otherwise. However, these restrictions have no effect on third parties.

Major companies for which Volkswagen AG may exercise, directly or indirectly, financial and operating policy decisions (associated companies) or which are controlled directly or indirectly jointly (joint ventures) are accounted for using the equivalency method. One or more executives form the legal body of the company. . Associated companies and joint ventures of minor importance are, in principle, accounted for based on their acquisition cost or lower time values. By the state, which is protected by a social contract, the freedom and property of people.