Hospital Agreement Contract

7.2. Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties regarding the management of Health Services Corporation and replaces all prior or concurrent agreements between the parties with respect to this agreement. No waiver of any of the provisions of this agreement applies or constitutes a waiver of another provision, similar or not, nor does a waiver constitute a permanent waiver. This agreement can only be amended by a written instrument executed by the parties. 4.1. Administrative costs. As a payment for the services provided by managers under this agreement, the Health Services Corporation pays the manager an annual administration fee of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($120,000) (the “management fees”). The administrative tax can be adjusted each year by mutual agreement between the parties. (a) The district`s only participation prior to the closure and Newco after the closure is compliance with all existing wage reduction agreements between and between participating workers and the District or Newco as an employer, including withholding the corresponding wage reduction amounts from employees` earnings and transferring them to VALIC or Aetna.

, as needed; Regardless of the type of contract established in a given case, this article concludes that the correct application of contract law principles requires that patients generally pay no more than the fair value of the health care they receive on a market basis. The determination of fair value is based on the market value – the average actual reimbursement that the hospital receives for the treatment in question – and not on the unilateral reference price or the fees charged by the hospitals. 5.1. Act at all times in carrying out the duties and obligations of the administrator in the course of this activity and performing the duties and functions as an independent contractor. Neither this agreement nor the exercise of any of the functions of the Director or the Health Services Corporation under this agreement is considered to be the creation of a partnership, joint venture, association or other relationship between the parties who are not independent contractors, who are the others.